Funnily enough, our journey growing organic, heirloom varietals started with a 1954 article that praised the benefits of earthworms, and where we learned about “Serenity Acres,” or “An Earthmaster Home,” which is a self-sustainable farming method.

This inspired us to dedicate ourselves to organic farming, with a fresh perspective on land stewardship, especially considering that we call the Sacramento Delta Watershed home. Here, the water table is just 18 feet below the surface, which means protecting our water source from contaminants is one of top priorities. It influences our farming methods, runoff control, and soil enrichment.
We’re passionate about the incredible flavors and unique texture that heirlooms bring from our farm onto your tables. These varieties connect us all with a rich agricultural heritage that’s been passed down through generations.

Every heirloom tomato or heritage potato from our farm is like biting into a piece of history, and our commitment to growing heirlooms means we’re reducing our reliance on chemicals, promoting biodiversity, and creating a sustainable environment for plants and people alike. We can’t wait to welcome you along on our journey.

- Ben & Denise, Founders and Farmers at Lockewood Acres


Our small (but growing!) 63-tree orchard was designed to have early, mid, and late-season varieties of each family that we hope will earn the coveted Taste Test Winners. Seasonal offerings include citrus, peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, persimmons, Asian pears, apples, and figs.


Eva’s Pride 6/1, Springcrest 6/15, Kim Elberta 7/10-8/1, O’Henry 8/1 - 8/15, O’Henry, Indian Free 8/25 - 9/10, Cherum 6/15

Arctic Star 6/10-6/30, Flavortop June, Harko 7/1 - 7/15, Cavalier 7/15-8/1, Liz Late Nectarin, Cinnamon Pear 7/15-8/1, Robada Apricot 6/10

Plums & Apricots
Burgundy Plum 7/20 - 8/10, Green Gage Plum 8/1 - 8/15 , Late Santa Rosa Plum 8/20 -8/30, Satsuma Plum 8/10 - 9/5, Emerald Beauty Plum 9/1 - 10/10, Gold Kist Apricot 5/26 - 6/5, Tomcot Apricot 5/21

Persimmon & Asian Pear
Hachiya 11/10, Fuyu 11/15, Hosui Asian Pear 8/1 - 8/20 , 20th Century Asian Pear 8/8, Yellow Plum 7/15, Blenhiem 6/25, Earli Autum 8/1 - 8/25

Apples & Pears
Anna Apple 7/1 - 7/24 , Honey Crisp Apple 8/5 - 8/24, Red Fugi Apple 9/15 - 10/12, Pink Lady Apple 10/12 - 11/2, Granny Smith Apple 10/15 - 11/10, Seckel Pear 8/10 - 9-5, Bartlet Pear 8/5 - 8/20

Figs & Misc
Cot-n-Candy Aprium 6/15 - 6/25, Flavor King Pluot 8/12 - 9/2, Flanders Fig 8/10 - 11/5, Oshorne Fig 8/10 - 11/5, Burre D Anjou 10/1 , Comice 9/15 - 10/5, Seckel “Sugar Pear 1790” 8/10 - 9/5

Washington Navel Orange Jan, Minneola Tangelo Jan., Cara Cara Navel Orange (later than Washington) Seedless Midnight Valencia June, Moro Blood Feb., Sanguinelli Blood Orange Feb. Owari Satsuma Late Jan., Clementine Feb., Gold Nugget mid March, Meyer Lemon Jan., Lisbon Lemon Jan., Santa Teresa Lemon Jan. Bear seedless Lime Minneola Tangelo Jan., Oroblanco Grapefruit Feb., Australian Finger Lime


Our heirloom fruits and veggies have unique, mouthwatering flavors you won't find at your local grocery store. Each bite is a delicious link to generations of cherished varieties. Join our Farm Club, or shop our online market to get a taste of history on your plate.