We're a full service, certified organic farm modeled upon the Community Supported Agriculture model, which we now call  The Farm Club. We have a bio-dynamic, self-sustainable farm that provides farm fresh, nutrient dense, fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, meats and honey to Vacaville, CA and surrounding community.


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Lockewood Acres was inspired by an old 1954 publication talking about the benefits of earthworms. In the center of the book there was a layout of “Serenity Acres” entitled “An Earthmaster Home”, a farm focused on self-sustenance. My wife and I both agreed, “We can do this!” Our original intent was to build a property that would sustain our family with wholesome and natural food.

Going Organic was inspired by my wife and a new outlook we developed about at the land and how we take care of it, particularly our water supply. Our water table is static at only 18’ below the surface, so contaminants can easily enter the water supply. Here in the Sacramento Delta Watershed, this plays a big role in how we farm, how we control runoff, and how we nurture the soil.



Here at Lockewood Acres we are focusing on Heirloom seeds and Heritage breeds.


the farm

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