Restaurants we supply:
                 The Backdoor Bistro            
                 Mankas Steakhouse
                 Winters Park

Blogs that have highlighted Lockewood Acres:
                 Girls on Food
                 Digital Dirt
                 ABC-10  Sacramento

Organizations we belong to:
                 Slow Food
                 Visit Vacaville
                 Solano Grown
                 Slow Food Solano

Places we sell our product:
                   HERE on the site!
                   Grub Market
                   Solano Grown
                   Visit Vacaville
People we do business with:
                   Eco Chic
                   Orchards End

Educational Links
                   Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) produced an excellent manual titled Teaching Organic Farming & Gardening.  This is a free downloadable manual that covers practical aspects of organic farming and gardening, and social and environmental issues in agriculture, and is designed for a wide audience of those involved in teaching farming and gardening skills.

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